Puzzling the Pieces

Each of us is indispensable in completing the puzzle of life, in completing a perfect world.

PUZZLING THE PIECES Course with Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

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In this course, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche asks us to look inside and get familiar with the piece of the puzzle we hold so that we become agents of change. What is your piece of the puzzle?
“Each of us is indispensable in completing the puzzle of life, in completing a perfect world.”

What is Included

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Session 1: The Common Thread

Even though we don’t speak the same language or perhaps look the same, there is a fundamental state of being that all humans share. What is that common thread?

Session 6: Building Community

Building a community is a process, and all our actions matter. They have a ripple effect, impacting others. Does acting with wisdom and compassion make a difference?

Session 2: Perfection and Pursuit of Happiness

An imperfect process does not produce a perfect result. Gaining true happiness depends on engaging true methods. How do I understand perfection?

Session 7: Focus on the Process

One small action on the path can have a big impact on the result. It can bring pain or happiness. How do my choices affect the outcome?

Session 3: Putting the Pieces Together

We each hold a piece that is indispensable to completing the giant puzzle of life. How can I contribute my piece to make the world a better place?

Session 8: Our Shared Experiences

When we understand the four phases or experiences of life, we can better understand how to support ourselves and others. What are the four phases?

Session 4: Independence and Interdependence

There is no community without individuals, their views and creative thinking. And individuals need community to thrive. How do I engage as an individual in the greater community?

Session 9: The Power of Our Actions

All our actions and reactions create our world community. How we react is our choice, and our actions affect the result. What tools help us make positive choices?

Session 5: The Many Versions of Self

We have many interconnected versions of ourself: one for social media, one as a parent or child, another for our profession. Yet which is our true self? Am I an independent individual?

Session 10: Overcoming Challenges

We typically react, not respond, to an action. If we aren’t clear about how we react, then it is difficult to overcome challenges. Can I pause and reflect before responding?

About Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche is the founder of freshmind™. Some know him as a Gen Xer-Rebel Buddha, others as one of the foremost scholars and meditation masters of his generation in the Nyingma and Kagyu schools of Tibetan Buddhism. However he is known, his warm inclusive humor, kindness, and wise teachings that lead to genuine knowledge and a wholehearted engagement in one’s life remain his undisputed hallmark. Rinpoche is the founder, president, and spiritual director of Nalandabodhi, an international community of Buddhist centers. Recognized for launching the kindness initiative #GoKind, Rinpoche is also an author, poet, photographer, and visual artist. His books include Rebel Buddha, Emotional Rescue, and Mind Beyond Death, among others. For more information, visit his website: dpr.info

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Puzzling the Pieces

Each of us is indispensable in completing the puzzle of life, in completing a perfect world.

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