Living Wide Awake

If we can penetrate and see the reality of our mind, in this very moment, then awakening or Buddhahood is right here. — Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

Short Videos

Peace In The Midst Of Violence

Extending compassion to people causing harm is very important, but we misunderstand what that ...


How to Respond to Bullying

There are negative and positive ways to react to a bully. Negative reactions empower them. The ...


Be Kind to Yourself

Being kind to yourself is the first step to being kind to others. But being kind is often ...


Be Patient with Yourself

We need patience and practice to work with our emotions, yet what we want is a quick fix or a ...


How to Watch the News

To watch the news without anger or fear, we first need a sense of calm. Then we can look at the ...


How do Emotions Work?

What are emotions? A dictionary defines them as an intensified mental state. The Buddhist view also ...


Surviving the Political Climate

We need to remember the world has always had serious problems. How do we make a difference and ...


The Habit of Negative Thinking

Studies show how easily we flip from positive to negative thinking and how deeply habituated we are ...



Getting to Know Our Emotions

Getting to Know Our Emotions is a meditation that brings awareness to our emotional patterns, ...


Gaining Insight

Gaining Insight is a meditation and reflection practice. By combining meditation with careful ...


Pause & Relax

Pause & Relax is a short but potent meditation. It introduces a moment of awareness, which can ...


Calm Abiding

Calm abiding is a foundational meditation practice. It connects us with the qualities and ...


Notice Savor & Relax

Notice Savor & Relax is an appreciation practice that enriches our life. First, we notice the ...


Posture & Breathing

The seven point posture provides the stablity and foundation we need in meditation. Then we use our ...



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