Ponlop Rinpoche introduces the first element needed for living a full life: wisdom. Wisdom is different from intellect and is often obscured by the stumbling blocks of exaggerating and minimizing. Balance is a fundamental paradigm of wisdom. How do I find balance?

Wisdom has different components and needs certain conditions to flourish, which depend upon our lifestyle choices and positive attitudes. How do I create the best conditions for acquiring wisdom?

We learn to be wise by getting to know ourselves through contemplation and curiosity, among others practices. Ponlop Rinpoche offers 10 tips for looking deeper into ourselves and our experiences, and 5 key points to help guide us. How do I contemplate deeper?

Wisdom is a balance between self and others. That balance brings us together rather than divides us. If we only think about ourselves, then we forget about others. How do I mindfully include others?

Wisdom is the inherent nature of mind, but we aren’t always aware of it nor do we know how to connect with it. The same is true of our body wisdom. How do I tap into both my mind and body wisdom?


Kindness and love are indispensable conditions for acquiring wisdom. Yet, we often encounter stumbling blocks along the way, like fear or feeling too vulnerable. How do I Go Kind with courage, intelligence and strength?

When we go deeper into our heart, we discover generosity for ourselves and others. We can learn to be kind to ourselves and to others, and turn it into a habit. How do I make kindness a helpful habit?

To bring kindness into the wider world — with its social challenges, injustices and vast suffering — we need to connect with a true and honest sense of kindness. How do I genuinely shift my focus from myself to others?

After connecting with love and kindness, we then offer love and kindness to others through our actions. There are many ways to do that, and Ponlop Rinpoche gives 10 examples. What can I offer to others?


The meaning of our life depends upon what we give to it. With a balance between self and other, a wise mind and open heart, we can learn to live fully and make our lives meaningful. How can I make my life truly meaningful?

Awareness is the key to living in the moment and when you live in the moment, you live fully. In addition to techniques found in Be Wise and Go Kind, Ponlop Rinpoche describes other tips and practices for living well in the moment, including one of his favorite’s — humor. How can I lighten up and bring laughter into my life?


Change is constant. We all know this to be true, but often we react to impermanence with fear and anxiety. In this course, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche explains that once we recognize change or uncertainty as opportunity, then our world opens up. By understanding our fear of change and habit of acting independently of others, then our heart naturally opens, allowing resilience to deepen, and kindness and compassion to shine.