We live in a world of constant change and uncertainty about the future. Usually we react to that reality with fear and anxiety instead of seeing what is possible and positive. Why live in the darkness of our habitual ignorance when we can turn on the light of wise truth?


Change brings opportunity, which can shed light on our mindless habits. It helps us see things clearly. With that knowledge, we have an opportunity for reflection and transformation. Why stay stuck in old patterns when new beginnings are possible?


When we understand change and interconnectedness, kindness and compassion naturally shine. We connect with the suffering of others with an open heart and our habit of acting independently, the cause of much suffering, dissolves. We find resilience deep inside. How can we embrace this wise truth?


Change is constant. We all know this to be true, but often we react to impermanence with fear and anxiety. In this course, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche explains that once we recognize change or uncertainty as opportunity, then our world opens up. By understanding our fear of change and habit of acting independently of others, then our heart naturally opens, allowing resilience to deepen, and kindness and compassion to shine.